RPP Productions, LLC

RPP are digital storytelling artists. Based both in the UK ( Edinburgh ) and US (NYC area), we are communication experts, filmmakers, cinematographers, graphic designers, editors, and tech solutions specialists. We specialize in the production of documentary films, films for corporations, not-for-profit and arts organizations, short form video series, programs designed for mobile devices, the web and social media, and live event production.

We provide a boutique service—just the right team and expertise for each project. Our mission is to deliver expertise and the highest quality product in the most cost-effective manner. We are a one-stop-shop for media production that will capture and deliver your company’s story and message in the most compelling and authentic way possible.

We have deep experience working with everyone from heads of state and industry, to corporate executives, political figures, artists, and young children. We also bring a broad technological expertise to help you effectively and powerfully deliver your story to your audience.

RPP Productions is operated as RPP Proudctions, LLC in the USA and a subsidiary of Anon Coll in the UK.